Bullies to Buddies

Four Types of Cyberbullies


Cyberbullies do things differently depending upon the type of type they are. There are four basic types of cyberbullies.  They all are:


The Vengeful Angel

The Power-hungry Or Revenge of the Nerds

The “Mean Girls”

The Inadvertent Cyberbully or “Because I Can”


Some cyberbullies do things one-on-one. Others require an audience.  They do things for different reasons.  Understanding why cyberbullies do things and how they work will help you deal with them.


The Vengeful Angel: This Type of bully seldom sees themselves as a bully.  They usually see themselves as a righting a wrong are helping out a friend. If they have a friend who's being bully online, they may join me in to try to protect them.  Perhaps they have a friend who is being bullied in school or they being bullied in school and they decide to go after the bully on the Internet.  When they do this, they will often hide behind a secret identity thinking that no one can find out who they all are.


They are wrong for two reasons.  First is wrong to use bully to take on a bully. That only makes things worse.  Second, you are never anonymous on the Internet.  Everything you do is recorded somewhere, and can always be traced back to you.


Instead of being a vengeful Angel, a person should report the cyberbullies or the only in school to someone who can help them out.  It may be apparent may be a teacher or some other adult.  If you don't know where you can report something like this, check with your teacher and ask them how your school handles bullying.


The Power-hungry Or Revenge of the Nerds:  This type of cyberbullies very much like the playground bully.  They want to show that they are more powerful than somebody else.  It's like the playground bully they either try to do things through fear or by hurting someone. This type of bully usually needs an audience. 


Sometimes this type of bully is actually someone who is being bullied in school.  They act tough online, but aren't tough in real life. Again, they are making the mistake of using bullying to try to fight bullying.


Sometimes this type of bully has a lot of technical knowledge and uses the Internet as a tool for his bullying.  This would be the “Revenge of the Nerds” type of bully.  Because of their technical skills in the ability to do damage to someone else's computer, this type of bully is very dangerous.  They sell them understand how serious the things they are doing really are.


“Mean Girls”: This kind of bullying is not usually done alone, or at least it is planned in a group.  It's usually done for entertainment, because they think it's fun, but don't understand how serious it is with the damage they are doing.  It may be something that takes place or is planned in the school library or slumber party or any place where a group friends get together. This kind of bullying requires an audience.  The bully is showing off for the group and they get their reward from the group's approval of their actions.  In this case, the growth is as guilty as the bully, because they are either approving of the action are not doing anything to stop it.  They are often like the playground instigator's who push others in the flights.


The Inadvertent Cyberbully: Inadvertent cyberbullies usually don't think they are cyberbullies at all.  They often think that they are just protecting themselves are reacting to something that someone else did online.  Someone may have call them in a more done something to them online and they responded by doing something similar.  This is the mistake, because the other person is just going to do the same sort of thing and the problem will get worse and worse.  This often become something known as a flame war are angry words fly back and forth , and others often join in.


Sometimes people will say something in fun, but because you can't see a person's face online the other person takes it to something hateful or mean and the trouble begins.


Online Is Real Life: When you are online, you are dealing with real people. It may not seem that way because you are just sitting in your room typing away your keyboard, but what you say has real impact on others. You have the power to help others are hurt them. The decision is yours. Cyberbully is just plain wrong in any form.  Don't be a bully!