Monday, November 07, 2005

Witches, Aliens, and School Board Members

New Jersey School Boards Conference

Interviewing Board members at the New Jersey School Boards Convention (10meg download) Low Bandwidth Version (2.9 meg)

On Oct. 26 & 27, students from the Martin Luther King Jr. School Complex attended the NJ School Boards Convention and interviewed attendees. As part of the process, they turned the interviews into comics and presented them to the board members as mementos. Upon returning to school, the students wrote a script and created a storyboard. Today, they recorded the narration and began adding stills and video to create our first official rough cut.

Three groups worked on their own version, all using the same basic script. One group was able to complete their first cut today. The other two will complete it when I visit next week.

This rough cut was completed in a little over 3 hours. Prior to this, the students' exposure to iMovie was limited to stringing video clips together. During this 3 hours, students learned the Ken Burns effect, how to time pictures, splitting and locking sound clips, creating stills from clips, and more. Not bad for 3 hours!


janice said...

This video was great! It is amazing how much more you can communicate with video. I really enjoyed watching it. Good work!

11:08 AM  
bullemhead said...

I want to meet Spiderman too.
Great video!

2:02 PM  
Laughing Librarian said...

WOW! You two did a great job telling the story of your visit to the school board convention. I enjoyed your narrative and the interview with the lady from the Department of Education. I like that you asked her about her favorite memory of Atlantic City--it makes her seem like a person I can relate to because she told us a little more about herself.

I can't wait to see more! :)

9:39 AM  
dtechteacher said...

Your movie showed me that you work well together as a team! I also learned a little bit about some interesting people in education. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with the world!

7:08 AM  
Johnny Tea said...

I'm amazed how cool a video you guys have made .. and only 5th Graders! I think you used the video effects well to compliment and reinforce what you were saying in your commentary. Well done!

Mr Moore
Dierctor of Technology
Sheridan School DC

9:12 AM  
Jim Lerman said...

I really enjoyed all the video on this site. Heard about the work from Andy Carvin's post on the EDTECH listserv.
You guys are doing great work!
I work at Kean University and just finished taking a workshop on Digital Storytelling...lots of parallels here!
Also involved in a digital video and technology project with a middle school in Perth Amboy, NJ. Will be checking you guys regularly.

12:48 PM  

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