Friday, September 16, 2005

Introducing iMovie to Mrs. Clark's Class

Day 2 with Andy

Intro to iMovie Sorry folks. I almost got ahead of myself. The video will be posted as soon as we have the signed permission slips.

Production Notes:

This week I introduced Mrs. Clark's 5th grade class to iMovie and our video project for the year. We talked about the importance of writing and how images are chosen to go hand in hand with the script. We viewed a movie without sound and tried to figure out what it was about. Then we listened to another movie without any video the see if we could imagine the pictures we would see.

I introduced them to the concept of A-roll and B-roll film and discussed interview techniques with them. We talked about the role of the interviewer and the importance of prepping the interviewee to respond with full sentences as if they were telling a story, rather than a short response in answer to a question.

We then did some impromptu interviews and as the class watched, I used iMovie to edit them. Later that day I came back and shot some B-roll footage. Next week, we'll discuss this video and see if the students can suggest ways of making it better. Your comments are certainly welcomed at any time.


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