Friday, October 19, 2007

Technical Difficulties

During the summer, the STAR-W site had technical problems which resulted in a about 40% of the site being lost. We are in the process of rebuilding.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Best laid plans...

Introduction to A.C.-OPOLY

Introduction to A.C.-OPOLY

Please allow time for the movie to download.

As much as we wanted to complete this project on time, we fell considerably behind schedule. The institution of the Leslie Literacy Collaborative program was a huge undertaking that involved MANY hours of professional development and additional work both in and out of class for the teachers. While well worth the effort, the collaborative combined with heavy pressure to prepare students for the state test left little time for the work necessary to get everyone up to speed with iMovie and the skill set Andy had given us this summer. None-the-less the troops rallied and we were able to get a good product underway.

We decided to base our video of Atlantic City based on Monopoly (A.C.-OPOLY). That way we could handle it as a series of short videos done by different groups of students in each class. Because we have so many streets to do before the end of the year, our first rough cuts will be our somewhat final cuts until we have them all done. If there is time we will go back on clean them up based on the input you provide.

The good news is that we presented our projects on May 19 to fifteen other school districts in the STAR-W project. Because of the training provided by Andy Carvin, our student's rough cuts did our school proud! Our presentation can be found here.

In the coming days and weeks we will be posting our individual videos here for your comments. If you are a member of Blogger, you may add the comments to the blog entries. If you are not a member, you are welcomed to send your comments to and I will pass them on to the students.

In the meantime, here is the clip that I created as an introduction to the student videos. In the next few days, the students products will be posted.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

USO's Spotted Over Atlantic City

USO's Spotted

USO's Spotted in Atlantic City
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(High Bandwidth)

Note: This is being posted for Janine Riggins and is a duplicate of her personal vblog entry.

Over the past few weeks, we have noticed unusual objects in the Atlantic City skyline!! At first, we thought they might be UFO's. But, we did some research...which resulted in this preliminary investigative report by my 3rd grade class.

(Please note: The script, video filming, Kar2ouche production, and news reporting was all created by my 3rd grade students. I supervised while small groups did all the work...and I helped with piecing it all together using iMovie. However, soon students will be editing iMovies on their own!)

Stay tuned for additional reports!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Multimedia Memoirs

Denita's Memoirs

Denita's Multimedia Memoirs Kar2ouche Multimedia Storyboard

Student at MLK are using the Leslie Literacy Collaborative. One of their first writing projects is the creation of a short personal memoir. Teachers are looking for one or two line in each memoir that are potential gems that can be used as seeds from which to grow great writing.

Denita turned her first effort into a Kar2ouche multimedia storyboard. She drew pictures to provide the background, inserted Kar2ouche characters, and recorded her work.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Bullies to Buddies Poetry

Friends Forever

Def Poetry from Bullies to Buddies Project: Friends Forever
(5 Meg -Windows Media Player) (2 Meg Quicktime)

I'm so excited! Art was in my office recording a students' story and he explained that people could go onto our web site and hear the creativity of our students! I have held 3 "Def Poetry Jams" at our school and many of the students poems were motivated by our "Bullies to Buddies" effort. This got me thinking....why not share this poetry with the world, not just the people that came to the jam. So, today we recorded some of the poets reciting their poetry! This is the first of the poems that we will post over the next week.

Aquil, Asmar, and Kyrell are all very talented writers in the 5th grade! They came together and wrote a poem that they could recite. Asmar and Aquil are identical twins. This poem is about when one of the twins is fighting with a mutual friend and the other twin is trying to motivate them to make up and continue their friendship.